Can a student taking all their classes on the Cedar Rapids campus or the Iowa City campus use the computers in the Iowa County Center?
Yes, any tuition-paying Kirkwood student may use the computers or any of the services provided at the center.

If my arrangements for child care fail for a day that I have class, can I bring my child for just that one class?
No, babies and/or adolescent children can not be brought to class at the center. You will be asked to leave class until you can attend alone. "One time only" sets a precedent for others to find excuses to bring their children and the educational atmosphere required in college is destroyed.

Is there anyhere that I can study at the center since my house seems to be filled with distractions?
Yes, there are study tables in the lobby area of the center as well as individual classrooms that may be accessed whenever not in use. Many students do many hours of studying in here each week.

How much does it cost to attend Kirkwood Community College?

How do I apply for financial aid?

Can a student taking all their classes in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City register through the Iowa County Center?
Yes, a student can register for classes listed in the Credit Class Schedule. Specific programs of study that are limited in enrollment can only be entered by enrolling through the program coordinator located on campus.

Is there access to the Internet?
Yes, our computer lab is open for daily use.

Are sample questions for the COMPASS test available?
Yes, sample questions are available at the following website: To access the sample questions, select "Tests" from the menu on the left side of the page.