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ACE: (Architecture, Construction & Engineering) Academy

College Credit in High School
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Unique, hands-on laboratory and classroom experiences in basic architecture and construction skills, with support from industry experts, including jobsite tours.

Development of entry-level skills and knowledge for those who want to pursue one of the many careers available in the construction industry.

Career Focus
Immediate employment opportunities within the field.
Prepared for further training in the architecture and construction industry.
Potential for stronger competiveness for application into local apprenticeship programs.

College credits earned: 15

The Kirkwood Architecture and Construction Management Academy can lead students to college certificates, diplomas, associate, bachelor's and graduate degrees. Examples of college majors include, but are not limited to: Architectural Technology, Carpentry, Construction, Masonry Technology, Plumbing Technology and Construction Engineering. If you’re planning to transfer to a four-year college or university after attending Kirkwood, specific transfer information can be found at

Iowa Average Salaries in Architecture and Construction Careers
Carpenter: $17.45/hour, $38,280
Construction Worker: $19.44/hour, $40,590
Electrician: $21.85/hour; $46,980
Brick Masons: $21.81/hour; $45.420
Architect: $33.62/hour; $72,780

More info can be found at:

College Credit Courses
Courses subject to change based on college curriculum. 

CON-101 | Architectural Plans and Specs | 3 college credits
Introduces the skills and methods for understanding and interpreting construction drawings and technical specifications for residential and commercial buildings.

CON-190 | Residential Construction Lab | 3 college credits
Provides introductory theory and lab experience in basic residential construction procedures and safety for those with little or no construction experience. Includes: foundation systems, floor systems, basic wall construction, roof systems, basic mechanical systems as well as interior and exterior finishes.

EGT-460 | Civil Engineering and Architecture| 3 college credits
Teaches aspects of civil engineering and architecture to apply knowledge to the design and development of residential and commercial properties and structures. Utilizes 3D design software to design and document solutions for major course projects. Offers presentation opportunities to area professionals. Designed for 11th or 12th grade students.

CON-410 | Construction Modeling | 3 college credits
Introduces construction concepts through computerized model building. Explores various wall systems and phases of the construction process.

CON-237 | Construction Project |  3 college credits
Focuses on teamwork and leadership by rotating students through being team members and crew leaders in building a construction project. Emphasizes productivity and supervisory tasks. 

Need to Know
Students receive credit from their high school and college credit from Kirkwood. The high school district pays for the college tuition.

The grade earned in this course is reflected on the student’s official college transcript. Students not planning to attend Kirkwood after high school graduation should plan to include this transcript as part of the application process to other colleges or universities.

As part of earning college credit for this academy, students must complete an online application to Kirkwood Community College, and must provide a social security number as part of the secure online college application process to create the official student record.

Student textbooks, safety equipment and tools are provided on the first day of class. Textbooks must be returned at the end of each course.

Students are strongly encouraged to have completed or be concurrently enrolled in Algebra & Geometry.

Graduating seniors who successfully complete all four courses may be eligible to apply for a summer internship coordinated through Building Pros of Eastern Iowa and/or the Iowa City Home Building Association.

How to Get Started
Talk to your parents and your school counselor.

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