Link to Kirkwood Community College

Why would I take an HSDL course?

  • Make up credits you need to graduate
  • Take courses not offered at your school
  • Collaborate with other schools to offer courses through the ICN
  • Advance your learning through classes that may not fit in your schedule at school

What courses are available?

  • Kirkwood HSDL offers a variety of online and correspondence courses
  • Visit our courses page to see what is currently available

How do I register for a course?

  • Receive permission from your school to enroll in a HSDL course
  • Fill out a registration form
  • Send registration form and payment to:

Kirkwood Community College
HSDL Office
1030 5th Ave SE, LL100
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

  • Wait for materials to be sent to you via email or to your school via USPS mail

How much does it cost?

  • $175 – Iowa residents
  • $225 – Out-of-state residents
  • $60 – Refundable book deposit, if required
  • $15 – Lab book fee, if required

Do I need a textbook?

  • For correspondence classes and some online classes a textbook is required.
  • A $60 refundable book fee is required for classes needing textbooks.
  • Students need to return books in good, usable condition to receive their deposit back.
  • Grades and credits are not issued until textbooks are returned to the HSDL office.

Is there homework?

  • Yes, homework requirements vary with courses
  • Correspondence courses have a study guide that is mailed out with welcome materials
  • Online courses have reading and unit quizzes

How do I take a test?

  • All written tests are done in the presence of a proctor
  • For correspondence courses, tests are mailed to the proctor indicated on the registration form
    • Students turn in their homework for the chapter/unit over which they are testing
    • Proctors mail tests and homework to the HSDL office
  • For online courses, there are two tests to each unit.
    • The computer-scored test may be taken at any time
    • The teacher-scored test requires online facilitators be notified at least 24 hours in advance of taking a test
    • Students print off tests in the presence of their proctors
    • Proctors mail, email or fax the tests to the HSDL office

What if I fail a test?

  • Students are expected to be prepared the first time they test; however, there is one retake allowed per test.
  • Students should study for a minimum of one week before testing.

How many classes can be taken at a time?

  • We recommend taking one class at a time; however, there is no limit.

How is high school credit awarded?

  • Students successfully complete the whole class
  • Passes all tests with a  minimum score of 60 percent
  • Completes all assigned homework
  • Returns the textbook to the HSDL office
  • An official grade report is emailed to the school with the recommended credit
  • Your school will add the credit to your transcript

How can parents help their child(ren) be successful?

  • Talk to your child about his/her class
  • Assist your child in setting up a study space
  • Help your child organize his/her time to complete the course in four months
  • Encourage your child to ask for help from his/her proctor, online facilitator or HSDL staff member

What can the school district do to help students be successful?

  • Designate someone as a “go-to” person at the school (usually the proctor)
  • Check in with the student early and often
  • Assist students in organizing their time
  • Help the student contact their online facilitator or HSDL staff if they have questions

When is the best time to enroll?

  • Anytime!Make sure that sports, drama, band, dance, cheerleading, speech, debate or other activities will not interfere with your ability to finish this class.
  • You have four calendar months to complete the course from the day you register

What if I don’t finish the course?

  • Students may request an extension of up to one month, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the HSDL specialist
  • Students may re-register for a course by completing the registration process again.
  • Students withdrawing (requests need to be in writing to the HSDL Specialist) from the course within the first 14 calendar days are issued a 50percent refund.
  • Courses are not transferrable to other students.