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Get out of the office and into the kitchen with a unique and fun team-building opportunity at the Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen at NewBo City Market.

The secret ingredients to a highly effective team are members who can cooperate, communicate and think creatively. Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services staff along with our trained chefs will work with your organization to create a program and menu that best meets your team-building needs. All culinary team-building events are customizable and can range from two to four hours depending on the complexity of your menu and program.

The corporate culinary experience at the Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen at NewBo City Market allows organizations to experience team building in a distinctive and fun way. Our culinary events not only provide delicious food, but also strive for benefits your team can bring back to the office, including:

  • Enhanced communication
  • Increased creative thinking
  • Strengthened time management skills
  • Teamwork and trust
  • Increased collaboration between team members
  • Organizational skills
  • Planning skills