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Features at the Linn County Regional Center
All the traditional programming Kirkwood has always brought to the community will still be alive and well at our new Linn County Regional Center. Certificate programs, personal interest Continuing Education as well as traditional college courses are all available.

What you can expect:
    •    General Liberal Arts and Science transfer courses.
    •    Kirkwood's Adult Accelerated program.
    •    Occupational Therapy Assistant (primary location for Kirkwood's degree program).
    •    Physical Therapy Assistant (primary location for Kirkwood's degree program).
    •    College readiness assessment, placement exams, National Career Readiness Certification.
    •    Writing lab, developmental math emporium, test center and tutor center.
    •    Financial aid services, academic advising and career counseling.

All under one roof!

Check out the floor plans and architectural renderings to see our high-tech, spacious new area!