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  1. Demonstrate ability to manage and coordinate staff and operations in various hotel departments.
  2. Employ coaching techniques to successfully train various line-level positions in rooms and food and beverage divisions by conducting effective training sessions.
  3. Demonstrate effective customer service strategies through interactions with guests and vendors, and extend these principles to interactions with superiors, subordinates and peers.
  4. Calculate and interpret fundamental hospitality cost bases including food and beverage percentages, scheduling and labor costs, yield management analysis, costs associated with inventory control and variances from budgeted costs.
  5. Assess forecasting and revenue generation data produced by industry tools to make effective operational decisions.
  6. Manage operational departments of the hotel and synthesize knowledge by applying personal leadership skills through successful performance of manager-on-duty responsibilities.
  7. Exhibit understanding of laws related to the hospitality sector, including alcohol liability and patron care responsibilities pertaining to guest service and staff training.
  8. Inspect appropriate sanitation and safety measures in order to minimize the risks associated with food borne illness.