Acceptance of Vocational-Technical Credit

Kirkwood accepts vocational-technical credits earned in courses that are part of Associate of Applied Science degree programs at Kirkwood or other Iowa community colleges. Such credits are herein referred to as technical credits.

A maximum of 16 hours of technical credits are acceptable toward Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees, but the credits may not be used to satisfy core or general education requirements.

Policy on Awarding A.A., A.S., A.A.S. Degree when Student has B.A., B.S. Degree or Higher

When a student has a previously earned B.A., B.S., or higher degree and subsequently earns enough credits for an associate degree from Kirkwood, the college will not award a degree if it is in the same program or area as the higher-level degree. The college will award the A.A., A.S., A.S./C.O., or A.A.S. degree if the major or field of study is not related to the B.A., B.S., or higher degree.

Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions

When examining transcripts from other colleges, Kirkwood follows the recommendations contained in the current issue of the Transfer Credit Practices of Designated Educational Institutions, published by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers. Kirkwood may accept the credit given to a student who has done successful work at another college provided our evaluation determines that the work was from a regionally accredited institution.

In evaluating students’ transcripts from previous institutions, Kirkwood applies the following general policies:
Grades of “F” (or any other failing grades) for transfer students will be ignored in the computation of a cumulative transfer grade point average if any of the following conditions are met:

  1. The student has not been enrolled in any program of higher education leading to an associate degree or bachelor’s degree for a period of at least three consecutive years since receiving the “F;” or
  2. The student has served in the U.S. armed services for at least two years or any smaller portion thereof if discharged with a service-connected disability.

Grades corresponding to “D-“ or better will be accepted for transfer into Arts and Sciences programs and will be accepted toward fulfilling general education requirements for Applied Science programs. Higher grades may be required for some program courses.

Decisions about the applicability of transfer courses toward Kirkwood requirements will be made by the Records Evaluator and reported to the students. Any questions regarding such decisions should be directed to

When Kirkwood accepts a student’s transfer credits toward an associate degree, it cannot guarantee how other colleges will treat these same credits.