Link to Kirkwood Community College

Step One
Download the form from the One Stop forms page.

Step Two
On page one, first explain your extenuating circumstances. This is a detailed explanation of why you were not able to meet the standards of the policy. The circumstances need to be something that is out of your control and had a major impact on your academic success. Then explain your plan for success.  This is a detailed explanation of what steps you will take to ensure you will meet your academic goals. Examples include: meeting with a counselor, tutoring, cutting back work hours, etc. Then attach any documentation to the appeal that supports the extenuating circumstances or steps for success. Note that appeals without documentation will rarely be approved.

Step Three
On page two, you must create a specific academic plan that leads to graduation in your program. You can use the degree audit option on EagleNet to help plan the rest of your semesters here. Once you have an academic plan created, you must have it approved by an academic advisor (if you are a Liberal Arts student go to the Advising and Transfer Center at 108 Iowa Hall) or your department coordinator (if you are in an Applied Sciences program go to that program’s office.) There is a place for the advisor or department coordinator to sign if they approve the plan. Once it has been approved, you should register for the next semester classes.

Step Four
Submit the completed appeal to the One Stop Office. Appeals are reviewed by a committee. You will be sent a letter informing you of the committee’s decision. If you are approved, you will be eligible for financial aid again. You must then follow the academic plan until graduation. Please note that once you are on an academic plan, any changes have to be approved by a financial aid advisor.

*Please note that having an appeal denied does not automatically remove you from the classes you registered for. To receive a 100 percent refund for a standard length class, you must withdraw by the end of the first week of classes. Our complete refund policy is located here