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Entrance Requirements
Veterinary Technician

  1. Students can apply up to one year out from the start date of the program. Veterinary Assistant and Humane Officer programs begin in the fall term. The Veterinary Technician program begins in the summer term. Click on to apply. 
  2. All students must take the TEAS V entrance exam and pass with minimum cut scores prior to being accepted into the program. Students are able to attempt the exam up to three times in order to reach a passing score. Study materials can be purchased on the following website:
  3. The TEAS V entrance exam needs to be taken at the Test Center, 2055 Cedar Hall, which is located on the Cedar Rapids Main Campus. Please call the Test Center at 319-398-5456 to schedule an appointment. This can be scheduled at your own convenience. Please allow up to three hours for the exam. The current cost is $55, but is subject to change.
  4. Students must also attend a program conference. This is a meeting with the faculty to outline details and expectations of your specific program. You can register for a program online at
  5. For any additional questions or concerns regarding the entrance requirements for Kirkwood Small Animal Health programs, please contact Cydney Lovell at 319-398-7635 or