To be eligible for membership:

  • You must be enrolled in a regionally accredited institution offering an associate degree program
  • You must have completed at least 12 transferable credit hours of coursework that may be applied to an associate degree (part-time students may be eligible)
  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 to be a member and maintain a GPA of  3.3
  • You must adhere to the moral standards of the society 

Both part-time and full-time students who have met all of the academic requirements are invited to become members.

International students are welcome to become members. They must achieve the required GPA, have accumulated the number of hours required by the college to designate full-time status, and possess all rights of citizenship in their native land.


Membership Fee

A onetime fee is charged for new members.


Types of Membership

Alpha Eta Rho offers several types of membership for our members. These membership types are based on the member’s activity in the organization and can be changed by being more or less active.


Alpha Membership

Alpha Membership Requirements:

-          At least 10 hours of volunteering

-          2 activities of volunteering must be related to Alpha Eta Rho

-          Attendance at 3 meeting per semester


Active Membership

Active membership requirements:

-          Attendance at a minimum of 3 meeting per semester


Non-Active Membership

-          Maintenance of GPA requirements

Alpha members may borrow a stole to wear at Commencement; upon request, they will also receive a letter of recommendation from a Phi Theta Kappa chapter advisor.

The Non-active member attends the induction ceremony, but does not necessarily attend meetings or fulfill a service requirement. Non-active and active members must purchase a stole for commencement.