Alpha Eta Rho Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Bylaws
I. Membership
1. Eligibility
A. Eligible students will be invited into membership during the fall and spring semesters.
B. Student must have completed 12 semester hours of credit at Kirkwood in courses toward an Associate Degree.
C. Student must have carried a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better for 12 semester hours or more courses toward an Associate Degree. No grades for courses taken at another institution may be considered when determining grade point. For students who are presently attending Kirkwood and who have not taken classes at same for a period of five consecutive years, studies taken more than five years previous will not be considered when determining membership.
D. Students must pay international, regional and local dues.
2. Student and Non-Student Memberships.
A. Student Member.
i. Active member.
The active member is required to meet the academic requirements, pay dues, attend meetings of the chapter, and participate in chapter service projects and other activities. Active members may request letters of recommendation from advisors and the chapter will lend them the Phi Theta Kappa stole at graduation.
ii. Inactive member
An inactive member is required to meet the academic requirements and pay dues. S/he may wear the stole, but is responsible for renting or purchasing it.
iii. Provisional member
In addition to meeting eligibility requirements as stated in Article IV, Section 1B of the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws, a student must have earned a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.5 out of a 4 point scale on all course work completed in high school. A student must be currently enrolled at Kirkwood, adhere to school conduct code and possess recognized qualities of citizenship. Provisional members are not voting members. When provisional members meet all eligibility requirements to join Phi Theta Kappa they must pay local, regional, and international fees.
B. Non-Student Membership.
i. Alumni/Alumnae member.
An alumnus member shall be a former member of the society who terminated active membership in good standing and who was enrolled for at least one year at this institution. This member shall pay no additional dues and will not have the right to vote.
ii. Honorary member.
The Honorary member is one who, in the opinion of Phi Theta Kappa, has offered distinguished service to the local chapter. This member shall pay no dues and has no right to vote.
3. Good Standing.
A. To maintain active membership, a student shall maintain a 3.3 grade point average. If the student fails to do so, s/he has one term (not to include the summer term) to restore the maintenance minimum grade point average. If the member fails to do so, the member’s name shall be removed from the local and international roll.
II. Officers.
1. The officers of the chapter will include the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Additional officers, whose number shall not exceed nine, may be installed if deemed necessary by the chapter.
2. Officers must maintain registration in 3 credit hours of coursework at Kirkwood in courses toward an Associate Degree during their term, excluding summer sessions.
3. A simple majority vote shall elect any officer, and a three-fourths majority is required to remove any officer.
III. Local Chapter.
1. The national Constitution and By-Laws of Phi Theta Kappa will be considered the ruling document for questions not covered in the chapter Constitution and By-Laws. Chapter advisors and officers will rule on any questions not covered in either document.