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Respiratory Therapist

Welcome to the Respiratory Therapist Program Conference Homepage.

At the program conference, you will be given information about the program and the career. You will also be informed of any additional admission requirements. This is your opportunity to have your questions answered by the program director.

Before you can register for the Respiratory Therapist Program Conference you must view the Respiratory Therapist Admissions Video below.  The video will provide you with specific information about the steps required to be reviewed for admission into the Respiratory Therapist Assistant Assistant Program.

Respiratory Therapist Admission Video

When you are finished watching the video and taken to the Registration page make sure you look to see if the Program Conference date is full.

If the word FULL appears next to the date it means the current semester conferences are FULL.  You will need to register for the next available date posted.

IF the conference date is full and you have to come back to register for another date and you WILL have to watch the Admissions Video again.

Questions? Contact the Allied Health Office at 319-398-5566 or stop by 2164 Linn Hall.