Thursday, Dec. 8, 11-11:50 am (Cedar Hall 325)

Kris Mione, (Music, Beth Zamzow) Music and Language.
A presentation comparing music to rhetoric and language. The presentation will explore how musical sounds and language sounds are related, and how music can be compared to the English language.

Sam Connell (Psychology, Rachel Dodd) Migraine: Biological Components and Treatments.
Describes the symptomology (common and rare), pathophysiology and biological treatments of migraines. The description of the physiology of migraines focuses on the brain structures and nerves involved and the corresponding pain.

Amber Kopecky (Human Services, Jody Weigel) Effects of Family Systems on Children.
Discussion of how different family systems can effect children in various walks of life. Will touch on child abuse, parental absence, adoption as well as a few other points. 
Chris Brown (Mathematics, John Weglarz) "The Art of Mathematical Proof.”
An introduction to proving various mathematical truths using a myriad of methods. Chris learned how to read mathematical definitions and understand how the mathematician thinks and reasons.

Friday, Dec. 9, 3-4:15 p.m. (Cedar Hall 325)

Matthew Theobald (Linguistics, Olga Petrova) — The neurolinguistic pathways of communication, specifically listening and reading, and how they interact with persuasion.  A good deal of the focus will be on the unconscious paths this can take and what this means to us as people navigating modern American culture.

Xinchun Ouyang (Hospitality Arts, Lisa Goodwin) A Micro View of Prostitution in both the U.S. and China Hotel Industry.
Presents both the historical and current situation of prostitution in both countries. Illustrates how hotels and prostitution are connected, and the impact of prostitution from the financial, professional and business world point of view.

Jessica Wygle (Communication, Frank Sladek) Evol.
Has completed a three-semester project involving the writing of a manuscript, and developing parts of it into a screen play. It's a suspense/thriller about a woman being stalked who has to go to extreme lengths to keep safe.

Tammy Byrn (English, Tom Ernster) Poetry Reflections of Transgendered College Students.
Illustrates through poetry the struggles and joys experienced and felt by transgendered students in the college environment. Transgendered college students are often the forgotten minority of colleges and their needs are overlooked and not met. My poetry is taken from interviews with those students and reflects their desires and passions of who they are and who they need to become to have self-contentment.

Christina Dochterman (Anatomy & Physiology, Nick Sagan) Benefits of Human Dissection for the Advancement of Healthcare: Setting Sights On the Future.
Education is an imperative component of professional careers. Tactility can offer another scope of learning to exceptional  professionals. The cadaver and human specimens provide that tactile dimension for the Human Anatomy & Physiology requirements for many Allied Health programs. With competition often demanding in the job market, every edge that can be achieved through education, training and experience should be explored to the fullest.

Ruth Lane (Sociology, Annette Flugstad) From Cult to Mainstream.
Examines all sides and perspectives of cults in general and Mormonism in particular. Attention will be paid to the debate between those that support Mormonism contrasted with perspectives of those who view it as a cult.

Gerrit Wynkoop (English, David Hulm) The Power of the Short Story: A Look at Rod Serling's “The Twilight Zone."
Examines a handful of the greatest episodes of Rod Serling's, The Twilight Zone, to reveal the power and importance of short storytelling and the significance of them.

Amanda Horn (Tonja Robins, English) Entertain Me.
Explores the American obsession with entertainment and how it affects our personal and professional lives.