Link to Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood is a great place to start your career or education. We offer certificate, diploma and degree programs designed to provide the training and expertise you need to start your new career in as little as one year. For students planning to continue their education, Kirkwood’s Arts and Sciences curriculum allows you to take the necessary electives and core coursework you need to complete before transferring to a four-year college or university as a junior to concentrate on your major field of study.

Here at the Iowa City Campus, we have academic advisors that will help develop academic plans specifically for your program or transfer plans. Our 2 Plus 2 plan allows you to complete your associate's degree at Kirkwood, then earn a Bachelor's from the University of Iowa in liberal arts or business in just two additional years.

The following is a list of programs you can enroll in at the Iowa City Campus. Your degree will state you earned an associate degree in your selected program. Those with an asterisk * denote areas of emphasis, simply earning you an Associate of Arts degree for transferring.

In some cases you may have to finish coursework for your chosen studies at our Cedar Rapids Campus as not all classes can be offered in Iowa City. Please confirm this with our advising office at 319-887-3658.

Administrative Assistant
Communication Media/Public Relations*
Environmental Science*
Liberal Arts*
Local Area Network (LAN) Management
Office Assistant
PC Technician
Political Science*
Religious Studies*

Click here for a full list of programs available at the Main Campus.