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One of the best decisions you can make as a college student is meeting with an advisor every semester. Advisors help develop academic plans specifically for your program or major, clarify requirements for obtaining a degree and provide quality transfer information to other institutions. Click here for more information about degree requirements.

Advising is a free service to all Kirkwood students. An advisor can help you choose the right classes and programs, help with registration, review your transcript, prepare you to transfer, arrange to get help with your studies and more!

Appointments are generally available weekdays, including evenings. To meet with an advisor stop by the One Stop (Iowa City information desk) or call (319) 887-3658 to set up an appointment. If you need an advisor for Accounting, Computer Programming or Office Administration, contact that advisor directly:

Jim Crowther, 319-887-3960


Computer Programs:
Joe DeMaria, 887-3643,


Office Administration:
Steve Abram, 887-3629,