What is the EagleCard?
The EagleCard is your official Kirkwood Community College identification card. It provides easy access to the Library, the Micheal J Gould Recreation Center, computer labs, Kirkwood sporting and entertainment events, and more.

What is EagleCash?
Simply deposit money onto the EagleCard and use it for cash free purchases at many places around campus.

Deposit currency onto the card at any EagleCard Deposit Center or online. Deposit centers are located in:

  • Second Floor, Kirkwood Hall (Cashier)
  • The EagleCard Office (131 Nielsen Hall)

Deposit Centers accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Cash, credit card and personal check deposits are accepted at the EagleCard Office in 131 Nielsen Hall.

Where can I use the EagleCard?
Use your EagleCard account for cash-free purchases on campus. It is accepted at Cedar Rapids main campus food services, Kirkwood bookstores and EagleTech.

When can I get my EagleCard?
Students can receive their EagleCard as soon as they are enrolled in a current or future credit class at Kirkwood. Employees of the college can receive their EagleCard as soon as they receive their first paycheck from the college. An EagleCard account will automatically become inactive when you are no longer registered for classes, or the last day of your employment. However, your EagleCard is automatically reactivated if you ever reregister for classes, so keep your card if you plan to re-enroll in the future. Replacement cards are $10.

Do I need a new EagleCard every year?
No, your EagleCard is good as long as you are an active student.

What if my EagleCard has been lost, stolen or damaged?
If your card has been lost or stolen, cancel card access to services immediately by contacting the EagleCard Office at 319-398-5680. The EagleCard Office can freeze your current card from use and produce a new card for you at the current replacement fee of $10. This replacement card will be immediately active for all services. You should protect your EagleCard like a debit card or cash. Kirkwood, and all related entities, are not responsible for charges during a time in which a card was lost or stolen.

Does the EagleCard have any fees?
There is no charge for the first EagleCard issued. There are no transaction fees or deposit fees. Fees that do apply include: $25 returned check fee, $10 account refund fee, and a $10 card replacement fee for lost, stolen or damaged cards. There is no charge for a legal name change using the current EagleCard photo. There will be a $10 fee to retake a photo.

Is financial aid transferred to my EagleCard?
No, financial aid cannot be transferred to your EagleCard. Financial aid can only be used at Kirkwood bookstores before it is issued to the student by check or direct deposit. The bookstore asks you to present your EagleCard when you buy books in order to verify your identity and your k number, not to use as payment. 

If you have financial aid that you were planning to use at the bookstore, and you want to know what the amount is, go to EagleNet and log in with your k number and password. Click “EagleNet for Students,” then “My Available Bookstore Funds.” This will show how much you have (if any) left over to buy books.

If you have financial aid available, you may use Financial Aid funds to purchase meal plans. Aid will begin to be available on January 5, 2018.  Meal Plans may be used on the first day of the Spring semester, January, 22 2018. The Meal Plan Signup is available here.

Who can I contact if there is a problem with my EagleCard?
Please contact the EagleCard Office at 319-398-5680.  Or stop by the EagleCard Office at 131 Nielsen Hall.