Link to Kirkwood Community College
  • Students who transfer to enter the second year of the program must first apply for the Associate Degree program. Go to to select Nursing as your plan of study.

  • Transfer students will need to have all LPN transcripts sent to Kirkwood Enrollment Services.

  • Attend a Nursing Program Conference.

  • The Associate Degree Nursing portion of the program is 3 semesters in length. Students may select the ADN day or evening/weekend program. Students with an LPN entering into the ADN portion are not required to complete the TEAS exam.

  • Students who transfer to enter the Associate Degree level will be required to submit a letter of reference regarding theory, clinical, and overall student conduct from the chair of the transferring institution. The letter should include the studentís eligibility to continue on to the AD level of the transferring institution.

  • Completion of PSY-111 Intro to Psychology, PSY-121 Developmental Psychology, SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication, HSC-191 Professional Roles I and BIO-151 Nutrition is required in order to enter the ADN Day Program.  Additional courses are required for the ADN Evening Weekend Program; BIO-186 Microbiology, Humanities Elective, ENG-105 Composition I and SOC-110 Intro to Sociology.

  • LPNs who have graduated from the Kirkwood Nursing Program greater than 1 year and all transfer LPN students will be required to complete the LPN STEP Assessment and obtain a score of 66.4% for admission to the nursing program.  Click here to register for the next available LPN STEP Exam.

  • Required GPA of 2.5 is required for admission. Students are accepted into RN level courses upon a space available basis.