Want to earn college credit from Kirkwood, but can’t travel to one of our campus locations during your school day? Consider taking a college credit class in your high school ICN Room. If three or more students from your high school enroll in an ICN course, we’ll bring the course to you! You can also enroll in one of our Distance Learning Web Live courses.

With approval from the high school district, all high school juniors and seniors, and ninth and 10th graders identified as talented and gifted, are eligible to earn college credit from Kirkwood Community College through the Post Secondary Enrollment Option Act (PSEO). Talk to your high school guidance counselor to determine additional eligibility requirements or restrictions.

You take one or more classes at Kirkwood, however, you can’t take a course that is already offered by your high school.

Get Started

  1. Talk to your high school guidance counselor and get permission prior to the enrollment deadline. With approval, your course will be paid for by your high school.
  2. Apply to Kirkwood. Click “Earn College Credit While in High School” to complete the application process.
  3. Complete and sign the Kirkwood registration form for high school students enrolling in a college credit course. Your parents must also sign this form.