Link to Kirkwood Community College

If you take one of Kirkwood's online courses, you can complete the work anytime, from anywhere. It's up to you! There are strict timelines students need to meet, but you don't have to do the work at a certain time of day, like you would find in face-to-face classes.

Online courses often are delivered with the help of a program called Angel. Angel allows instructors to build interactive activities online. Many instructors require discussion board participation, quizzes, assignments and exams. A list of the courses we offer is available. Not all classes listed are offered every semester. You may register for these courses just as you do for any Kirkwood course.

Courses offered for fall and spring semester begin the first week of the regular semester. Students have up to 16 weeks from the designated starting date to finish. Some fall and spring courses may also have a later start available. Courses offered for summer will begin only the first week of the first/full session and will normally finish within 12 weeks.

If you have any problems with your Internet service, first check with your Internet service provider. Make sure you also call your instructor so he or she knows why you haven't been communicating online. If it is a Angel delivered class, contact the eLearning help desk at 1-800-505-5221 or 319-398-7621.

Students receive course information by e-mail. Ii is very important that we have your current email address and that you can access your Kirkwood student email.