Distance Learning courses follow all of the same guidelines as Kirkwood's face-to-face courses, with a few exceptions:

Online Registration Restriction
Students with a grade point average of less than 1.8 for all online classes within the previous three years will have a registration restriction placed on his/her record. The restriction prevents registration in these classes until the average for online courses reaches 1.8 or better, or a three year period has passed. The average for these courses can be improved by retaking failed or low-scored courses in a face-to-face format. This registration restriction does not prevent students from enrolling in face-to-face or hybrid format classes, only online classes.

COMPASS Score Registration Rule
All online delivered sections at Kirkwood Community College require minimum Compass or ACT scores:

32-Writing and 71-Reading, or
ACT equivalent scores of 15-English

Students not possessing appropriate scores in Kirkwood’s registration management system will need to complete testing at an accredited testing center and have scores sent to Kirkwood prior to registration in online courses.

International students may submit TOEFL scores to meet the placement testing requirement:

Computer-based   173
Internet-based   63
Paper-based   500

Adding Classes Late
Any Distance Learning courses that need to be added after the start of classes must be approved by the dean of Distance Learning. Due to the structure of online courses, adding courses after the first day is extremely rare.

Learner success in an online class is dependent upon a student’s ability to:

  • read critically from a variety of sources
  • process information from written material
  • produce quality written communication for academic purposes and class interaction

Identity verification of a Distance Learning student can be accomplished through:

  • ID verification at the time of placement testing
  • proctored exams where student is required to show photo ID
  • secure login to a protected learning management system