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CLEP provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through a program of exams in undergraduate college courses. There are approximately 2,900 colleges that grant credit and/or advanced standing for CLEP exams.

At Kirkwood, credit earned through CLEP exams will count toward graduation core courses as appropriate and the required residency for all Associate Degrees. (Residency Requirement: Students completing an AA, AS, AS/CO or AAS degree must earn a minimum of 16 credit hours from Kirkwood.) Standards for granting credit are determined by the department offering the exam’s course counterpart. No letter grades are given for course credit earned by examination.

A maximum of 18 credit hours by exam may be awarded to a student. Some colleges and universities place further limits on the number of hours that they will accept from a transferring student. If you intend to transfer exam credits, you should visit with the college or university to which you wish to transfer about their policies concerning credit by examination.

To Receive Credit
Students must request that their CLEP Score Report be sent to the Records Evaluator at Kirkwood Community College. The scores on completed examinations must equal or surpass the minimum required passing score in order to earn Kirkwood college credit.