Viticulture Viticulture Viticulture

Get hands-on training and instruction with this eight-part program on viticulture. You will learn all aspects of planning, planting, maintenance and harvesting of your vineyard. Each course will offer classroom instruction and in-the-vineyard practical experience. More than half your time will be spent working in the vineyard under close instructor guidance.
Course list:

  • Vineyard Establishment
  • Winter into Spring Vineyard Management
  • Spring Vineyard Management I
  • Spring Vineyard Management II
  • Summer Vineyard Management I
  • Summer Vineyard Management II
  • Harvest Vineyard Management I
  • Harvest Vineyard Management II

Successful completion of the program will earn you your Vineyard Management Certificate, appropriate for employees or potential employees of vineyards and for people wanting to establish such a business or for personal enrichment. Click here to register for courses.