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You can start your first two years of a four-year degree with Arts & Sciences programs at a forward-thinking college with creative programs and bold partnerships designed to improve and enhance learning. The majority of our faculty members have earned masters or doctorate degrees, so they are able to share a high-level of experience and expertise. The average class size is 23 students and many classes are as small as 15.

Applied Science & Technology programs give you two years of hands-on education to start a technical career. Or if you're looking to try out a program before transferring to a four-year college or university, some Applied Science and Technology programs are transferable.

Interested in Arts & Sciences, but focused on starting your career as quickly as possible? Complete a two-year Career Option program and participate in an internship to enhance your job skills and start your career.

Academic Departments

Agricultural Sciences
Allied Health
Arts & Humanities
Business & Information Technology

Hospitality Arts
Industrial Technologies
Learning Services
Social Sciences