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Question: When can I start one of the fire programs?
Answer: You can start either program in any semester (August, January or even May).

Question: I already have another college degree. Or, I completed some courses at another college. Can I transfer those courses into this program?
Answer: Yes, absolutely! Many students transfer into either fire program with some or even nearly all of their general education requirements (e.g. Composition, Psychology, Management, etc.) completed. The Fire Science advisor, Andrea Clark, can tell you how your courses will transfer into either program.

Question: I have some firefighting certifications. Will those substitute for coursework?
Answer: No they will not. There is one exception: Firefighter I certification is required for the Entry-level program, and that can be waived if you are already Firefighter I certified. But the other levels of certification will not substitute for coursework, as our courses generally go more in-depth than the certifications themselves. For example, HazMat Ops I certification will not substitute for the course FIR-183 Hazardous Materials Management.