Link to Kirkwood Community College

Make up your lost high school credit! Take high school classes at any one of Kirkwood’s locations, or through Kirkwood High School Distance Learning. Either way, your credits will transfer back to your high school and get you back on track to earning your diploma.

If your school doesn't offer a specific course, you didn't earn credit when you took it in high school, you have a scheduling conflict or don't have a summer school option, then Kirkwood's High School Transfer Credits may be perfect for you. To register for a course, contact your high school counselor. To find out what courses are available, click here.

Each semester-course costs $150. Trimester course credit can be earned at selected learning centers and the fee is $100. A $60 book deposit applies to certain courses.

Every course has required homework. Individual course requirements vary, and details are provided in each course guide. The course is considered incomplete without the homework submitted. Testing for transfer courses with the Kirkwood Community College seven-county service area occurs at any of our Learning Centers. HSDL course testing occurs at your high school. Students may test after completing required work for a unit or chapter.

More than one class can be taken at a time, however it’s highly recommended that students start with one class and see how it goes before deciding to do more than one at a time. The goal is for the student to achieve success, so it’s best not to get overloaded right away, which can discourage students from continuing.

When a student has successfully completed the course requirements and returned the textbook to Kirkwood, an official grade and credit form is sent to the local high school accepting the credit from Kirkwood. The credit is usually added to the high school transcript.

We accept students at any time of the year. Upon registration, the student will have three months to complete the course. It's best to enroll at a time when the student will have the most time to work on the class. Try to avoid those times of the year when there are other obligations or commitments.

Contact the Kirkwood Learning Center nearest you for more information.