Link to Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College offers students 17 years of age an older the option of completing their high school degree by earning a Kirkwood Adult High School Diploma.  This credit-based option allows students to take high school-level courses to earn their diploma. Prior courses taken at an accredited high school can count toward the Kirkwood Adult High School Diploma requirements.

The cost of a Kirkwood Adult High School Diploma will vary by each individual student. Students have four months from the date of registration to complete the course. Courses requiring the use of a textbook have an additional $60 book deposit fee if students wish to use the textbook outside the learning center.

To begin working on a Kirkwood Adult High School Diploma, participation in our face-to-face orientation is required, as well as completing CASAS assessments at a Kirkwood Learning Center. To help determine the number of courses youíll need to take, we also encourage you to contact the last high school you attended and request a copy of your transcript.

For more information, call 319-784-1510.  Donít wait.  Come on in and get started today!