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Beginning November 10, the Iowa Department of Education will no longer process duplicate diploma or transcript requests. No state agency or community college program can assist in HSED requests. ALL Iowa High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) requests will be processed through Diploma Sender.

Diploma Sender is a safe website that can accessed from public computers with internet connections, often available at local public libraries. If you cannot access the internet to order online or have additional issues related to your order, contact Diploma Sender toll free at 1-855-313-5799. Additional charges might apply.

Official copies of the Diplomas and Transcripts MUST be obtained from Diploma Sender. The new ordering service makes getting a copy of your documents as easy as…

1)    Visit Diploma Sender online,

2)    Complete the online order form using a credit or debit card, cashier's check, or money
       order for the $10 payment 

3)    Check the appropriate delivery method for receipt of your document, email, FedEX or
       regular mail

Click here if you need to make a request for a Kirkwood adult diploma.