Please see Kirkwood Commingles for a list of what is recycled on campus.  If you are a Kirkwood employee, you may also post items on Kirkwood Classifieds.

 Audiotapes  Kirkwood is unable to recycle these
 AV  Kirkwood employees: contact Dana Lighthall
 Batteries  Kirkwood employees: contact Facilities
 Books (hardcover)  Kirkwood employees: contact Central Receiving

Cartridges (lg/sm)

 Kirkwood employees: contact Central Receiving
Cell phones (issued within the last 3 years only)
Send to Heritage Agency on Aging (HAA) on the Kirkwood Community College Cedar Rapids campus. HAA has a cellular phone project that is a program for seniors in the seven-county region. People from the community can donate their used cell phones, along with a working wall battery charger, to HAA, who dispenses the cell phones to seniors 60+ by mail, free of charge. The caller can use 911 only. The phones can be used as security if the person is too far from a landline phone during an emergency. The supplies are low. Consider donating your used cell phone and charger to this worthy cause.
Contact: Megan Dorgan, 398-5559,
 Chemicals  Do Not Recycle.
Call Facilities, 398-5561.
 CDs and cases Kirkwood employees: contact Central Receiving or Leon Daufeldt 5791
Computers If it uses Windows XP or newer, contact Barb Klawiter, The React Center 393-9632 or  Otherwise, contact Goodwill.
Copy machine toner  See Cartridges
Floppy disks  Kirkwood is unable to recycle these
 Glass  Do not recycle in our bins.  Check with your local recycling center.
 Ink-jet cartridges  See Cartridges
 Paper (larger quantities to be shredded)  Kirkwood employees: place in sturdy box marked "Tipton CEO," and contact Dan in Central Receiving. 
 Plastic bottles Place nickel-deposit bottles in pop bottle and can recycling containers. Place non-deposit bottles in containers in Linn Hall and in commingling yardies around campus.
 Printer cartridges  Kirkwood employees: contact Dan in Central Receiving
 Recycling  centers  See bottom of page
 Reel-to-reel tapes  Kirkwood is unable to recycle these
 Styrofoam  Check with your local recycling center
 Tapes Kirkwood is unable to recycle these
 Toner cartridges  See Cartridges
 Transparencies Kirkwood is unable to recycle these
 Tyvek  See mail-in recycling program
 Videotapes  Kirkwood is unable to recycle these



Recycling Centers

Iowa Local Recycling Centers

(Check for your town) 

Cedar Rapids/ Linn County Solid Waste

City Carton Recycling

 of Cedar Rapids

        For more information contact
Rita Tiedt

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