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Associate of Applied Science degree
Entry time: Fall


First Year - First Semester
  ATR-300   Mechanical Drive Systems I2
  ATR-302   Mechanical Drive Systems II1
  ELE-233   Electrical Safety and Shop Methods1
  ELE-235   Electrical Theory, Measurement and Circuits3
  ELE-238   AC, Magnetism, Transformers and Relays1
  IND-156   Microcomputers for the Trades2
  IND-167   Torqueing and Tensioning1
  MAT-230   Maintenance Math I2
  MAT-233   Maintenance Math II2


First Year - Second Semester
  ATR-304   Introduction to Industrial Controls2
  ATR-306   Industrial Control Circuits I2
  ATR-308   Industrial Control Circuits II2
  ELT-146   National Electrical Code & Electrical Wiring5
  ELT-224   Motors and Transformers5
  PHY-180   Applied Physics I2

  PHY-120   Introductory Physics3


  IND-175   Advanced Alignment1
  IND-187   Predictive Maintenance2
  IND-191   Preventive Maintenance2
  IND-196   Fundamentals of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems5
  - - - - - -   Communications Elective3


Second Year - First Semester
  ELE-400   Basic Photovoltaic Systems for Install3
  ELT-105   Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers2
  ELT-128   Introduction to PLC Programming and Control2
  WTT-300   Wind Turbine Construction3
  WTT-350   Wind Turbine Commissioning3
  WTT-400   Wind Turbine Operations3
  - - - - - -   Social Science elective3


Second Year - Second Semester
  ELT-438   Data Acquisition & Analysis2
  PWL-300   Smart Grid Design Technologies1
  PWL-325   Electrical Distribution Systems1
  PWL-330   Power Cable Materials & Installation1
  WTT-450   Wind Turbine Maintenance4
  WTT-500   Wind Turbine Troubleshooting4
  - - - - - -   Humanities or History/Cultures elective3
  - - - - - -   Comunication elective3


Total Program Hours     84

Industry endorsements earned: Nacelle Rescue; Top of Nacelle Rescue; Hub Rescue; Electrostatic Discharge; Forklift Class 1, 3, 4, 5, 7; 50+ High Voltage Arc Flash; OSHA 30 - General Industry; Rigging Lifting and Cribbing; JSEA-Job Safety & Environmental Analysis; Confined Space Blade Rescue; Adult First Aid with CPR; National Career Readiness Certificate; Ladder Climb, Ladder Rescue and Tower Self Rescue; Fire Extinguisher; Lock Out/Tag Out; HyTorc Hydraulic Torque Certification; Personal Protective Equipment; Fall Prevention and Protection; Residential Arc Flash; Rope Access; Tower Rescue; Snap-On Torque Certification