Weapons of any kind, whether carried open or concealed, shall not be allowed on any Kirkwood Community College property or at any Kirkwood sponsored event.  This is regardless of the individual having a weapon permit issued by the State of Iowa or by any other state.

The term weapon includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • pistol, revolver, or handgun
  • shotguns or rifles
  • any weapon designed or intended to propel a missile of any kind (includes air gun, paint ball, BB or pellet guns, potato guns or other homemade devices
  • bow and arrows
  • knives having a blade of 3” or more
  • straight edge razor or razor blade
  • brass knuckles, blackjacks, saps, or sap gloves
  •  bat, club or other bludgeon type weapon
  • stun gun or taser
  • mace or pepper spray
  • also not permitted are potentially hazardous items such as ammunition, explosives, fireworks including firecrackers.

Campus Security will be notified if an individual is suspected or found to have a weapon or hazardous item.  The individual will be advised to remove the item(s) from campus.  If the individual refuses, or if the item(s) is illegal, the police will be contacted.  Kirkwood will pursue disciplinary, civil or criminal action as appropriate against anyone who violates this policy by engaging in violence, threats of violence, or intimidation.  If a faculty, staff, or student is found to be in violation of this policy, they will be referred for possible disciplinary action.

Exemptions:  This policy does not apply to law enforcement personnel or peace officers who are carrying the weapon in performance of their duties.