SPC-101: Fundamentals of Oral Communication
Studies basic communication fundamentals including communication process, interpersonal relationships, small group interaction, and public speaking. Practical experience in one-to-one, small group and speaker-audience communication. Credits: 3, Prereq: none.

SPC-112T: Public Speaking
Studies the fundamentals of public speaking, emphasizing the process of speech preparation and delivery. Credits: 3, Prereq: none.

SPC-132: Group Communication
This course examines the theory and techniques used in discussion and group processes. Students will develop leadership and group skills through frequent practical application in varying group sizes and opportunities. Credits: 3, Prereq: none.
SPC-924 Honors Project: Communication/Speech
The purpose of this course is to examine in great detail one aspect of communication that you learned in the Fundamentals of Communication course and relate it to the study of culture in today’s society.  The theme chosen by the National Collegiate Honors Council and Phi Theta Kappa is Dimensions and Directions of Health: Choices in the Maze." You may choose to explore this or any of the previous PTK topics in your honors project by selecting Option 1. You may also decide to go off topic and develop your own honors topic by selecting Option 2.

  • Option #1: Develop a project using one of the Phi Theta Kappa honors topics.  A study guide has been developed by Phi Theta Kappa for each topic. Contact the Honors Program coordinator for a list of Phi Theta Kappa honors topics.
  • Option #2: When you wish to develop an alternate form of study
    • The student should write a short paragraph describing the proposed topic within the faculty member’s discipline.
    • The student should assemble a bibliography for the new topic.
    • The supervising faculty member and student should complete a learning contract,and
    • The supervising faculty member should submit the paragraph, bibliography and learning contract to the Honors faculty chair,who will then submit it to the Honors Advisory Committee for approval.