General Officer Duties

1.      Planning and getting involved in Hallmark projects.
2.      Attending officer and general meetings and taking a leadership role at these meetings.
3.      Working on Hallmark essays.
4.      Working to keep new members interested and motivated.
5.      Attending regional meetings, as well as other chapter-sponsored events (ex. Bake sale).
6.      Preparing for and participating in induction ceremonies (informal and formal).
7.      Fulfilling particular responsibilities attached to your office (outlined below).
Officer Descriptions

If you want to be one of the elected people that coordinate Phi Theta Kappa, now’s your chance. We are looking for motivated, dependable, and hard-working members who would like to step up to the next level and become an officer of the Alpha Eta Rho Chapter.
 The President is responsible for working with the Vice-President on planning activities for the school year. The President is also responsible for leading chapter and officer meetings. The president needs to meet with the advisor regularly to coordinate activities. Committee assignment: The president oversees all committees.
 The Vice-President is responsible for planning the activities for the school year. In the event the President can’t come to a meeting or is unreachable, the Vice-President fulfills the President’s duties. The Vice-President is the liaison with Beta Lambda Tau (Kirkwood’s Iowa City chapter). Committee assignment: Honors in Action.
 The Secretary has the responsibility of sending out e-mails on a regular basis about upcoming activities and meetings. The Secretary also takes minutes at the Phi Theta Kappa meetings and after typing them up submits them to be posted on the chapter website. Committee assignment: Honors in Action.

The Treasurer handles submitting receipts for reimbursement for food ordered for the meetings and other things purchased for the organization. The Treasurer also handles depositing money earned from activities. The Treasurer will keep a ledger and give a monthly budget report at meetings. Committee assignment: Fund-raising.
Public Relations
The Public Relations officer creates posters about the meetings and hangs them up the Wednesday before the meeting. The P.R. officer also handles the creation and hanging of activity posters when needed and getting the word out about PTK and its activities. Committee assignment: Member recruitment and retention.
Student Leadership Council Representative
            The Student Leadership Council Representative is the officer who attends student council meetings. They then review the information with the other officers to see if there is anything that PTK can help with and to be kept in the loop regarding the student council. Committee assignment: College project.
     All the officers participate in the writing of the Honors in Action report for this chapter. Officers should also participate in writing other Hallmark essays. Officers are expected to wear their medals at the meetings and make every effort to attend meetings, activities, and PTK conferences. Officers need to be able to meet occasionally to discuss progress and help plan activities. It is also STRONGLY recommended that the officers attend the regional and, if enough funds are available, international conventions.