Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services is your contractor safety council resource. A safety council is a group of plants sharing the training of contract employees, allowing each facility to focus more on day-to-day operations.

The council allows contractors to receive both components of required training: basic OSHA safety classes and plant-specific orientations for all participating facilities.

The council maintains training records online, which are easily accessible to individual facilities. It also assures that every contract employee is aware of site-specific safety guidelines prior to starting work at your facility.

The contractor safety councils fulfill several important functions for member companies and their contractors:

  • Frees up key personnel Contractors come to your facility already trained to your specifications. Your safety managers, maintenance managers and other valuable employees are no longer responsible for training.
  • Produces consistent training Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services handles all instructors, materials and scheduling. By following a set course, each contractor receives the same information.
  • Manages record-keeping Your plant no longer needs to create and store accurate training records for contract employees. Youll have quick access to records you need through an online database.
  • Provides peace of mind Standardized, basic OSHA safety instruction and your site-specific course means contract workers entering your facility will be aware of procedures, guidelines and potential hazards. A photo ID will verify completion of your orientation.

As your contractor safety council partner, Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services provides training facilities, instructors and record-keeping. We work closely with your company to meet your needs and expectations, creating a computer-based, site-specific course for your facility.

Our safety council is powered by the technological expertise of Gatefeed, specialists in computer-based safety training and online records keeping.

Contact us to find out how our experience with contractor safety councils has benefited the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas.

Participating Employers

  • Alliant Energy                                   
  • American Profol            
  • Cargill – Corn Milling  
  • City of Cedar Rapids                         
  • Diamond V Mills
  • Genencor International
  • Kraft Foods – Davenport
  • Quality Chef
  • Rockwell Collins