David Bullwinkle
Assistant Professor-Philosophy
330 Nielsen Hall

B.A., Brown University
M.A.,Northwestern University
PH. D.,Northwestern University

David teaches Basic Reasoning, Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, and Environmental Philosophy. He is especially interested in the philosophy of food – the ethics and politics of how food is produced, processed, distributed, marketed and consumed. He lives in Iowa City with his wife and two sons.

Dr. Betty Jane Greer
Adjunct Faculty Member-Philosophy, Religion, Music
336 Cedar Hall

B.A., (Behavioral Sciences)-University of Chicago
B.A., (Music)-University of Illinois-Chicago
M.A., (Religious Studies/Ethics)-University of Chicago 
                                                      Divinity School
M.Div., (Divinity)-University of Chicago Divinity School
M.M., (Music)-Roosevelt University
Ph.D., (Education)-University of Iowa

  Dr. Greer teaches philosophy, religious studies and music courses. 
In addition to being a scholar, she is also an ordained minister and a professional musician.  Her instruction is highly interactive and student-oriented. “I make every effort to insure that all students are
included in the learning process."


  Chris McCord
319-398-5899 ext. 5713
330A Benton Hall
B.A., Middle Tennessee State University
M.A., University of Memphis
PH.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  Chris teaches Philosophy, Ethics, Basic Reasoning, Philosophy of Human Nature, and Working in America. He is an advisor for the Kirkwood Philosophy Club and has a passion for existentialism, particularly the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre. He has published “Teaching Ethics with Scrooge,” and “Frankenstein Meets Kant,” in Teaching Philosophy
Scott Samuelson
Associate Professor-Philosophy and Humanities
Iowa City Faculty
106 Iowa City Center
B.A., Grinnell College
M.A., Emory University
PH. D., Emory University

  I teach Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics, Basic Reasoning, Social and Political Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, and Philosophy of Education, as well as run the Philosophy Forum on the Iowa City Campus.  I’m also a movie reviewer for Little Village, one of the hosts of KCRG’s Ethical Perspectives on the News, and sometimes a cook at Simone’s Plain and Simple, a French restaurant on a gravel road.
Robert Session
Professor of Philosophy and Humanities
Iowa City Faculty
346 Iowa City Center
Ph. D. University of Michigan
  I teach various philosophy courses and two interdisciplinary humanities courses, Working in America and Culture and Technology.  I am especially interested in environmental and Native American philosophy.  I am finishing a book on authenticity which should be published in 2011.