A student may be eligible for Pell Grant for summer if the student was part time fall and/or spring term. Toward the end of the spring semester, summer Pell Grant awards will be calculated and a letter will be sent to those students who qualify.
Based on the program you are enrolled in, your financial aid may have been split to include a summer disbursement. To verify that, check your summer award on EagleNet by clicking on My Financial Aid Checklists and view your award letter, which shows aid divided by semester. If your award does not include a summer disbursement, you may still have some limited eligibility. Check with the One Stop Office for more information.
If you received financial aid at another institution for the fall and/or spring semester, be sure that Kirkwood is listed on your FAFSA. Once Kirkwood receives the FAFSA, we will process your summer aid. Please note that if you received aid at another institution, we must take that into account when determining your eligibility for summer financial aid.


If you did not receive financial aid at any institution in the fall or spring semester, be sure to apply for federal student aid by filling out the FAFSA online at www.fafsa.gov. To see Kirkwood's step-by-step procedure to receive financial aid, click here.

When you have your award, verify if it is enough to completely pay your tuition. Ten days before the start of the summer semester, we will transmit your financial aid. If there is a remaining balance, you must make arrangements to pay it by the due date to avoid being dropped from your classes. You may pay via EagleNet or go to the One Stop Office located at 2nd Floor, Kirkwood Hall.