To renew your paraeducator certificate, you need to complete three units of coursework (one college credit = one unit) from a college or Area Education Agency in any combination listed below:

  • Three units are earned for completing a three-credit course taken to add an area of concentration certificate. The following Kirkwood courses apply:

    • EDU-249 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
    • EDU-129 Inclusion and Adaptation
    • ECE-103 Intro to Early Childhood Education
    • EDU-279 Transition Services
    • EDU-259 Vision Impairment Support 
  • One unit is earned for each hour of credit that will assist a paraeductor to demonstrate the knowledge of and the ability to assist students in reading, writing or mathematics. 
  • One unit is earned for each hour of credit completed, which supports either the school building or the school district career development plan. 
  • One unit is earned for each semester hour of college credit in any college course.

The three units need to be taken after the issue date of your certificate. You can renew only within six months of certificate expiration, no earlier. The state does not send out a reminder for your renewal date; you are responsible for keeping track of this. If your certificate expires, you do not need to start over with your certification process. Simply complete your renewal application and all other required documents.

Once the three units are complete, follow these steps to apply for renewal:

  • Fill out this renewal form.
  • Make a copy of your Child Abuse Certification.
  • Obtain your official college transcript that includes the required coursework. To obtain your Kirkwood Community College official transcript, either: 
    • Go to, click EagleNet, click EagleNet for Students, enter your K# and password, and under Academic Profile click Transcript Request; or
    • Call Enrollment Services at 319-398-5412 and request your official transcript be mailed to you.
  • Write a check for $40 made out to the Board of Educational Examiners.
  • Mail all of the above to the Board of Educational Examiners (address is on the application form).

A person submitting incomplete renewal applications to the BOEE office will only have 45 days to send the missing pieces. After the 45 days, the file is closed and and all documents, including the $40 fee, will need to be resubmitted.

Important Note: Renewal of a certificate and applying for an area of concentration certificate are two different processes requiring completion of two different forms, payment of two different fees and submission to two different locations. Click here for information on how to apply for the area of concentration certification. 

If you have questions about the status of your certificate after three months, call the Department of Education at 515-281-8323. If you have specific questions that relate to paraeducator certification, contact Mike Cavin at the BOEE at or 515-281-3437.