CITA Fire School

Hazmat Training Grounds

The rail-hazmat training grounds uses approximately 200 feet of railroad track and three specially modified railroad tank cars. The first car is a 15,000-gallon general purpose, insulated tank car for transporting corn syrup. It was donated and specially modified by ADM Rail of Cedar Rapids. By adding a door and stairway at the end of the car, instructors safely simulate the confined space inside a rail tank car without any of the associated hazards. ADM also modified the safety railing around the man-way, raising the railing four inches to meet OSHA standards, and added an additional walkway to accommodate more than three students and instructors on top of the car. A stairway was also added to the ladder on the east side of the car to facilitate safe student and instructor access to the car ladder. ADM also made several simulated leaks through valves and the sidewall of the car to be used for hazmat training. You won't find another car of this type in the Midwest.

The second rail car is a 12,000 gallon sulfuric acid car modified by ADM to include a raised safety railing, a simulated leaking tank valve and a leaking rupture disk. The man-way cover was welded closed to restrict access to the interior of the car. The car was donated by Union Tank Car Company of Chicago, Illinois.

The third car is a chlorine car, 90-ton, DOT 105A500W. It is a pressure car with no man-way to access the interior without disassembly of the car AAR standard to OSHA standard.

A fourth car at the site is a 70-foot box car used for equipment storage. In the near future, a 23,000-gallon ethanol car will be added to the rail facility.