To get into the Dental Hygiene program, you must meet the following additional standards. These steps/requirements are in addition to Kirkwood's steps to become a student. There is no minimum ACT or Compass test score for admission into the Dental Hygiene program. It is required that students meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of the HOBET V exam
    • Students must meet the minimum cut score of 67.3 percent or higher to be eligible for admission into the Dental Hygiene program.
    • Students have a total of three attempts to pass the exam.
    • After the second unsuccessful attempt, students are encouraged to meet with the Dental Hygiene program director.
    • After a third unsuccessful attempt, students will no longer be eligible to enter the Dental Hygiene program.
    • Click the HOBET V link on the right to find out more about, and to register for the HOBET V exam.
    • Composite scores on the HOBET V exam will determine placement into the Dental Hygiene program.
  • Completion of Dental Hygiene pre-requisite courses with a C- or better:
    • Introduction to Chemistry w/Lab (4 credit)
    • Anatomy and Physiology w/Lab (4 credit)
    • Introduction to Math (2 credit or equivalent)
    • Microcomputer Literacy (1 credit or equivalent)

All admissions policies and procedures are subject to change at anytime. Students are accepted and placed on the waitlist (if applicable) to the Dental Hygiene program after all admission criteria are met.