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Instrumental Music

Kirkwood's instrumental music courses help students continue in their music careers to transfer to a four-year college, or just to take a great elective. We have some great bands on campus, such as the Kirkwood Jazz Ensemble, Cedar Rapids Jazz Big Band, Jazz Combos and The Concert Band. Highly-acclaimed musicians come to Kirkwood each year. Check out who's been here in the past.

MUS-145: Concert Band
Introduces new literature each semester to extend the experience of the student's learning to read and play different styles and tempos. This group is open to community members and does not require an audition. Credits: 1, Prereq: none

MUS-150: Chamber Ensemble: Woodwind, Brass, Strings or Celtic 
Students practice and perform traditional literature for trios, quartets and other small groups. Credits: 1, Prereq: none

MUS-163: Instrumental Jazz Ensemble
Explores various styles of jazz from traditional to contemporary through a performance-oriented class. May be repeated for credit. Credits: 1, Prereq: none

MUS-165: Jazz Combo
Explores various styles of jazz in a small group setting and emphasizes improvisational techniques. This course must be taken for a grade, may not be challenged and is transferable. Credits: 1-2, Prereq: none

Mus-191: Jazz Improvisation
Studies theoretical principles and techniques used in the jazz idiom. Provides opportunity for application of jazz theory at the performance level. Includes scales, chord progressions, melodic patterns, rhythmic elements and jazz standard repertoire. (Note: Jazz Improvisation courses highly recommended for students interested in performing solos in the jazz ensemble and jazz combos). Credits: 2, Prereq: none

MUS-193: Jazz Improvisation II
Continues the study as outlined in Jazz Improvisation. Credits: 2, Prereq: MUS-191

All of the following instrumental music classes require 14 lessons during the semester. Students may enroll in one or two credit hours on the same instrument. One 25-minute lesson per week is one credit; one 50-minute lesson per week is two credits. They may be repeated for credit. Additional outside practice/preparation is required. There are no prerequisites for any of these courses.

MUA-300: Applied Baritone
MUA-301: Applied Bassoon
MUA-302: Applied Cello
MUA-303: Applied Clarinet
MUA-304: Applied Drum Set
MUA-305: Applied Flute
MUA-306: Applied French Horn
MUA-307: Applied Guitar
MUA-308: Applied Oboe
MUA-310: Applied Piano
MUA-311: Applied Saxophone
MUA-312: Applied Bass
MUA-314: Applied Trombone
MUA-315: Applied Trumpet
MUA-316: Applied Tuba
MUA-317: Applied Viola
MUA-318: Applied Violin