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Classes may be taken individually or in the seminar format. The individual classes are held at Kirkwood's main campus in Cedar Rapids or they can be taken online. Seminars are offered in both Cedar Rapids and Iowa City as well as other Kirkwood centers in our outlying areas.

Individual Classes

Theory & Ethics
Basic application of theory, techniques, and methods for coaching elementary through high school.

Youth Physical & Mental Development
Covers human growth physically and mentally in relationship to athletics.

Human Body Function for Coaches

Covers body function, muscle identification, tendon attachments, and skeletal structure.

Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries
Combines classroom with taping lab. Course deals with athletic injury, treatment, preventative and rehabilitative methods, and taping techniques. Bring four rolls of 1 1/2" athletic tape and two rolls of prewrap.

Seminar Format

Coaching Authorization Certification Seminar
The seminar includes all of the individual classes required by the state of Iowa.