Health Information Technology

What classes can I take to help me prepare to enter the HIT program?
Courses in biology, computer technologies, computer applications (word processing, spreadsheets, data management) and communication skills (English, composition, speech) are good preparatory courses.

What courses can I take prior to entry into the program?
The following courses may be taken prior to entry into the HIT program: Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II; Medical Terminology; Professionals in Health; English electives, six credits; Humanities elective; Intro to Psychology; Intro to Microcomputers; Math elective; Intro to Pathology (following completion of Human A&P I and II). Consult the program coordinator if you have any questions.

What is the pay for an entry-level HIT professional?
The pay range from the lastest new-graduate survey was about $9-$13 per hour. Salary depends largely on location, type of facility and position. Significant employment opportunities are available for HIT specialists. Salaries for directors can reach up to $80,000.

Will my classes transfer to a bachelor s program?
Yes. Students who transfer to a HIT bachelor s program generally start the program as a junior. Speak to a HIT advisor about specific colleges.

Is there a bachelor s program in Iowa?
No, but there are several schools in states surrounding Iowa that offer programs suited for progression from the two-year program to a bachelor s degree. Contact an advisor for specific locations.

Do I need a physical?
Yes. HIT students are required to obtain a physical prior to working at a practicum site. The physical form must include documentation of up-to-date immunizations. You also need to have a TB test each year.

Where are the practicum sites?
For Practicum I, clinic sites are located within a 100-mile radius of Kirkwood. Students may be placed in large or small hospitals, or large physician clinics. Practicum II sites are located throughout the state of Iowa. Medium to large size hospitals are generally used for this practicum. Practicum III sites are in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and the surrounding area.

Do I get to choose my clinic site?
Students are asked to select three clinic sites and submit them to the HIT coordinator. Cedar Rapids and Iowa City count as one choice. While these choices are carefully considered, we cannot guarantee that students will be placed at one of their specified sites. Placement depends upon a number of factors, including how many students the coordinator has to place and the availability of clinic sites.

May I choose a clinic site outside the state of Iowa?
Out-of-state placement is considered on an individual basis and at the discretion of the program coordinator.