The State of Iowa provides economic incentives to your business through the Iowa New Jobs Training Program, Iowa Code Chapter 260E. The net result is that your new employees will show higher productivity, improved morale and reduced turnover — and your company will be better prepared to compete in the 21st century.

An Employee Training Program Designed for New or Expanding Business
The Iowa New Jobs Training Program (260E) was developed to assist businesses that are creating new positions or new jobs. If the company is expanding operations, or relocating to a new facility in the state, the 260E program can provide flexible funding to meet a wide variety of training and employee development needs.

Training Fund Creation – How Does It Work?
Kirkwood Community College issues training certificates (bonds) to fund the program costs. These training certificates are repaid by diverting 1.5 to 3 percent of the increased payroll withholding tax revenues resulting from the creation of the new jobs.  Therefore, it is important to contact Kirkwood Community College prior to commencing the hiring process. Click here to look closer at the funding structure.

Who is Eligible?
Companies that are creating new jobs and are engaged in manufacturing, processing, assembling products, warehousing, wholesaling, or conducting research and development are eligible to participate in the program. Businesses engaged in the provision of services that have customers outside of Iowa may also be eligible.

Valuable Program Services
The Iowa New Jobs Training Program provides training reimbursement for a variety of valuable services, including:

  • Basic adult education
  • Job-related instruction
  • Skill assessment
  • Training equipment, materials and supplies
  • Training services of a community college or another educational institution
  • Testing and evaluation of employees
  • Customized or general instruction at a training facility selected by the employer
  • Reimbursement of training travel costs for employees
  • College tuition, books and fees
  • Training services of an approved private trainer

Why do community colleges administer the program?
Because each of Iowa’s community colleges serves a multi-county region, the community college system encompasses the entire state and can efficiently serve the workforce needs of the state by administrating the Iowa New Jobs Training Program. Community colleges offer a wide range of flexible educational programs, from customized training for particular businesses, to vocational and technical certification programs that help students meet employers’ needs.

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For more information about how to initiate, implement and be reimbursed under a 260E program, call 319-398-5548, or email