KTOS Corporate Consulting 2

KTOS Essential Skills 2


Communication. Leadership. Problem-solving. Critical thinking. As a manager you know successful employees possess not only technical capabilities, but also strong interpersonal skills that enable them to grow and change in step with your company.

Sometimes referred to as “soft skills,” we at Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services refer to these qualities as Essential Skills. After all, there’s nothing soft about the impact this type of training can have on the way your employees interact with customers—and each other.

We’ve partnered with a variety of renowned educational providers to put a broad base of highly effective programs to work for you including:

• Business Writing
• Coaching and Counseling
• Decision Making
• Diversity Training
• Employee Motivation
• Front Line Leadership
• Leadership for a New Era
• LEAN Training
• Management Development
• Managing Change
• Quality Tools
• Strategic Quality Planning
• Team Building

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