Statement of Mission

The mission of the Kirkwood Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program is to develop practitioners who are able to provide exceptional quality patient care under the supervision of a physical therapist.

Program Philosophy

In fulfilling its mission the PTA program believes that:

1. Every individual is born with the desire to learn and improve throughout life.

2. Exposure to a variety of classroom, lab and clinical experiences strengthens a student’s knowledge of Physical Therapy and increases their critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills.

3. Education should be enjoyable and challenging and will be facilitated by clear objectives and evaluations in an open environment.

4. Technical skills need to be practiced in a lab setting to a level of competence prior to clinical experiences.

5. Technical courses need to be completed in proper sequence, to ensure competency in basic skills prior to more complex learning.

6. Proper communication skills, professionalism and an understanding of ethical standards of practice are essential to the successful completion of the program.

We also believe that your physical therapy education begins at Kirkwood but will continue throughout your professional career. As you progress through the PTA program the faculty will assist you to fulfill your potential but the ultimate responsibility will always remain with you, the individual.


The goals of the educational program are:

1. To prepare qualified graduates for entry level employment upon successful completion of the licensure exam.

2. To prepare graduates to assume responsibility for self assessment, peer review and planning of future professional growth.

3. To prepare graduates who will recognize the importance of ongoing service to the community and the profession through ethical practice and lifelong learning.