UNI Articulation

  • B.A. in Technology Management

Students have the opportunity to transfer credits earned in any of the two-year degree programs in Kirkwood's Industrial Technology department (excluding Entry-Level Fire Fighting) toward a B.A. in Technology Management at the University of Northern Iowa. Depending on the general education courses you take at Kirkwood, you can expect to transfer between 48 and 65 semester hours of credit, which equates to about half of the requirement for this four-year degree. Consult your program advisor about this option before registering for classes to ensure you are taking the appropriate general education courses.

The Technology Management degree provides a broad background in technology as well as management associated with harnessing the human, material and information resources necessary for organizations to be successful. This is an excellent background for a wide variety of positions in business and industry.

  • B.S. in Electrical and Information Engineering Technology (EIET)

Students enrolled in the Electrical Engineering Technology degree or the Industrial Maintenance & HVAC Technology programs at Kirkwood have the opportunity to transfer credits into the EIET degree at the University of Northern Iowa. The EIET degree provides quality, hands-on, application-orientated education that produces professionals who will contribute to the advancement of engineering technology in the areas of electrical power, analog/digital electronics, industrial control systems, microcomputers, instrumentation, telecommunication and networking. The mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems controls are also covered in this program.

  • B.S. in Manufacturing Technology

Students in the CNC or CAD/MET programs at Kirkwood have the opportunity to transfer credits into the Manufacturing Technology program at the University of Northern Iowa. This program provides theoretical and hands-on experience in the field of manufacturing to prepare management-oriented technical professionals for careers in manufacturing. There are three emphasis areas: automation and production, design and metal casting.

Architectural Technology
If you are thinking about getting a bachelor of architecture degree from an accredited university and you would like to try it out beforehand, we suggest that you come to the program for one year and get a diploma, which will give you a practical feel for the profession. You could then go to a university to complete your bachelor’s degree or return to Kirkwood and complete your associate’s degree.