Leah Blackford - Agriculture Business Graduate,1999

"At Kirkwood, you have an excellent one-on-one relationship with teachers. My advisor Dale McNeeley was always willing to help me, and he made sure I was in the right classes to get the education I wanted. I found that to be true of all of my teachers - they took a personal interest in every student and really wanted us to succeed."

"Dale also helped me find my internship at CE Cattle Company in Cohagen, Montana. I did field work, tillage, planting and weed spraying. It was a great experience. At first it was difficult being away because I really value my home, my family and the fertile land. Coming back after three months made me appreciate things even more."

"Overall, being at Kirkwood helped me sort out what I did and didn't want to do in the ag field, and it helped reinforce that I could go back to the farm and be successful."


Kerry Feuerbach - Floral Careers Graduate, 1990
Owner/Manager, Pleasant Valley Floral Shop, Iowa City, Iowa

"Kirkwood gave me a good, basic understanding of the floral industry - how to run a floral shop and create floral designs. Throughout the program I had a lot of contact with fellow students and formed lasting relationships with my instructors. I frequently see Kirkwood Floral Careers instructors at design shows and conventions. I always look forward to that!"

"If you feel you have a little bit of creativity, if you're willing to work hard, if you're energetic and enjoy being around people, Floral Careersis a great industry to get into. And working with the beauty of nature is a pretty good benefit, too!"

Tom Lavrenz - Grounds and Turf Management Graduate,1979
Director of Golf Course Operations - City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"The most important advice I can give to anyone who is thinking about a career in grounds and turf management is: Number 1, have a love for the outdoors, a love for turf. Number 2, if you're married, make sure you have a very supportive spouse; you put in a lot of hours, especially during peak times. Number 3, don't plan on getting rich. There are jobs in the industry that pay quite well, but if you're in it for the money, you've just negated statement Number 1. And Number 4, keep an open mind. There is a myriad of jobs related to the turf industry - research, machinery design and repair, pesticide usage, sales, marketin, etc. This field offers tremendous opportunities. Be willing to pursue them and have fun doing it."