Tutoring Services are offered free to part-time or full-time Kirkwood students enrolled in credit classes. The college offers three forms of tutoring: individual, group and online tutoring.

Individual Tutoring is conducted in person, one tutor per student. Tutors include current students, recent Kirkwood graduates or retired instructors that meet strict guidelines. Students meet with tutors at the Tippie-Mansfield Center, the Belle Plaine Community Library or any other Tutor Center approved location. These sessions may take place during the day, evening or weekend hours.

Group and Online Tutoring services are available at Kirkwood's Main Campus Tutoring Center.

Tutoring is NOT available for Some Classes. Want to be a Tutor? Student tutors must have a GPA of 3.00 and have earned an A or B+ in the course they would like to tutor (or be earning an A or B+ if currently enrolled in the course) and have the approval of the instructor.

For more information on getting a tutor or being a tutor, call Lisa Folken at 319-465-2305 or email: lisa.folken@kirkwood.edu.