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For Providers
Difficult Airway Lab
Basic Childbirth Lab
Advanced Childbirth Lab
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Multidisciplinary Training Using Simulation
The Mass Casualty Incident- In-Hospital
The Mass Casualty Incident- Pre-Hospital
Death and Dying
Advanced Disaster Life Support
Safety and Communication- The Crew Resource Model

For Educators
Introduction to Simulation
Running Your Simulator
Integrating Simulation into Competency Verification
The Art of Debriefing
Simulation Kitchen- The Art of Moulage
Simulation Kitchen- Basic Body Fluids and Organ Systems
The Suspension of Disbelief- Creating a Realistic Environment
New Equipment Orientation Using Simulation
Process Mapping Using Simulation
Standardized Patients and Therapeutic Communication

For Administrators
Building a Simulation Lab
Building a Simulation Center
Grants and Funding Opportunities
Simulation and Joint Commission Guidelines
Seminal Event Re-creation and Root Cause Analysis
Legal Issues in Simulation Training