Academic advising helps students to accomplish these objectives:

  • Explore and clarify educational, career and life goals
  • Create short and long-term plans to accomplish these goals
  • Select a major that balances goals, interests and abilities
  • Understand requirements of the major and the college
  • Identify and register for appropriate courses

In order for these goals to be achieved, students must fulfill their own responsibilities in the advising process by taking these steps:

  • Make and keep appointments with advisor well before registration begins. Make use of the advisor's knowledge - it is a valuable resource. Stay up-to-date about college policies, procedures and requirements using the current web-based registration information.
  • Come to all advising sessions and appointments prepared: review registration information and the course schedule. Make a tentative list of courses and alternates for next semester
  • Prepare a list of any questions about the degree plan and requirements.

To arrange an appointment for assistance with your academic planning, contact Lisa Folken at or Jane Lawrence at or by phone at 319-465-2302.