Contribute Your Content

Any Kirkwood faculty member can add their course to Kirkwood on iTunes U. Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare Your Content
    iTunes U Support: iTunes U is constantly updating. To learn more about iTunes U and the file formats it accepts, visit iTunes U Support on the Apple website.
  2. Check for Copyright Permission and Release Forms
    Copyright Guidelines:Apple Education Copyright Overview PDF. Be aware of and follow the copyright rules put forth by iTunes when creating your content.

    Release Forms
    : If you are recording a performance, lecture, or presentation, you will need to have the speaker(s) sign a release form. Click here to download the release form.

  3. Add Your Course
    Download the "iTunes U - How to Add a Course" document from KIN and follow the directions for adding your course to the Kirkwood on iTunes U site.

    If you have questions, contact an admistrator:

Jeremy D. Slagoski
Instructional Designer
Institutional Effectiveness
Cedar Hall, Room 2086
319-398-5899, Ext. 4189 

Alan Peterka
Dept. Coordinator/Instructional Design
Distance Learning
Linn Hall, Room 2196F